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Dollar Tree Haul

Target Bullseye Playground Haul

August Reading Wrap Up

2015 & 2 new layouts

In 2015 I aim to make many changes in not only my blogging but also my life. I have chosen the word METANOIA (the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self, or way of life) as my word of the year. Instead of simply saying I want to do X, Y, and Z this year I have set my goals, put them in writing, and even taken steps to make them become reality. This year I strive to become better in everything that I do. Here are my main goals for 2015

Time Management

 Develop a schedule

-Youtube posting


– Sleep

– Cleaning

 Use planners for help maintaining schedule

– Maintain planners and to-do lists


 Work on home organization


 Maintain 3.6 GPA in school

 Get Copic certified

 Get Genealogy Certification


 Post 3 times a week in addition to a Synopsis Sunday post

 Reorganize blog layout

 Monetize

 Create 4 scrapbook layouts a month

 Read & review 3 books a month


 Daily vlog

 post a minimum of 3 non vlog videos a week

 Monetize


 Maintain a cleaning schedule

 Try new recipes

 Prioritize family time

Health & Fitness

 Exercise 3x a week

 Eat better

 Take vitamins daily

 Drink more water


– Journal daily


Since scrapbooking more is among my 2015 goals, I set down to begin to get back into the swing of things. I really want to get caught up on my scrapbooking for the last 8 years but at the same time I have plans for a huge project. While I am ironing out the fine details for my project I decided to work on some of the things that still need to be scrapped.

   While looking through my photos that still need to be scrapped, I came across these adorable photos of my eldest son DJ in the bathtub on his first birthday. I love how the stitching around the solid House of Bunny paper make it look like the photos are matted on a baby blanket.

Supply List:

House of Bunny Paper

Erin Bradley Flag

Scrappy Nats Stitching

Scrap Vine Flair

Free Digital Scrapbooking Alphas


Next I came across photos taken while I was pregnant with DJ on my first trip to Sea World. Shamu Layout

Supply List:

House of Bunny Paper

Gotta Pixel Alphas

House of Bunny Flag

Scrap Vine Camera


I like the simplicity of both layouts. Minimal embellishing but still pretty.




Day 278 of 2014

Lately everyone has been really into using paper planners and decorating them so they look almost like a scrapbook. I gave it a try but after a few days I would forget to use it. A couple weeks later I’d give it another try only to receive the same results. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like using a paper planner is going to work for me. Which really sucks since I love the concept of having simple everyday tasks and events documented to look back on. I currently use a app on my iPad as my form of planning since it is linked to my phone and I usually have both my phone and iPad with me at all times. I can always look back at  that, but its not the same. I can’t decorate my planner page for that day or include photos so its not really meeting what I want to do. So I decided I want to start scrapbooking a page per day to cover the daily ins and outs. I tried to do that via project life at first but I journal way to much to fit into one pocket and I don’t really like the idea of splitting the journalling into several pockets. So traditional (digital) layouts is the route I was forced to take.

image of scrapbook layout

Here is my first completed page. I actually did this layout three times because I just couldn’t find a format I truly love. I still don’t love this but I resulted to using a sketch to try to get the page completed.

How We Met

The first scrapbook layout I ever made was on how Dennis and I met. That was in 2006. Since than the adhesive glitter chip board alphas has completely disappeared. The decorative edge, that I cut with those decorative edges scissors, is crooked and doesn’t really line up correctly at the corners. Needless to say it was time to redo that one.

how we met


Supply List:

Paper: Grepic

Font: Angelina

Alphas: Free Digital Scrapbooking

Brads: Pixel Scrapper

Sketch: pamelas world of scrap

If you read my last Synopsis Sunday post, than you know I began vlogging. Unfortunately, I discovered that daily vlogging isn’t something I can fully commit to quite yet. Though I will still be vlogging daily, I will only be posting vlog style videos once a week. I have decided that I will vlog, Sunday – Saturday, edit Sunday mornings, than post Sunday afternoon.

Anticipating Antonio

Our entire family was excited to learn that my brother and sister-in-law are expecting. They already have 2 girls and really wanted a boy, so when they announced that it’s a boy this time around, we were all even more excited for them. Than while on pinterest I ran across this adorable digital stamp by Redonkadoodles, I knew it would go perfectly with the baby shower pictures when that time comes. I couldn’t wait until than to play with it though, so I created a filler card with it.


Anticipating Antonio filler card image

Supply List:

A Late Synopsis Sunday – Week 29 of 2014

I know it so super late to be doing a Synopsis Sunday post, but I am doing it anyway. Last week my husband and I began daily vlogging on Youtube. We created a The McCoy’s Daily channel for our daily vlogs to live, so if you’re interested in vlog style videos, I’d love for you to check it out. Since we are vlogging, I think that will help keep me on track with weekly Synopsis Sundays. -finger crossed-

I have finally experiencing some real motivation to get back on things in regards to my memory keeping. I think this is partly due to the vlogging, but I’m not entirely sure. Where the motivation came from really makes no difference, the fact that it’s there is all that really matters to me. Despite the new found motivation, I still haven’t done anything. The problem is the ideas are coming to fast. Sometimes, that happens, I go through phases where I am a idea factory but the amount of ideas that come to me lead me to never really follow through on any of them. It’s a struggle. However this week, (it’s currently 1 am on Wednesday) has been a little more productive. Let’s pray that continues. LOL

I pre-ordered “The Book of Life” by Deborah Harkness, months ago from Amazon, it arrived on the 15th (the release date), I spent the week reading it. The entire All Souls trilogy is just AH-MAZ-ING, so it is no surprise that I LOVED the last installment. If you enjoy historical fantasy, than I highly recommend it.

Week 29’s vlogs:


Behind the name McCoy

While spending some time on Pinterest, I came across a sketch by former Garden Girl Shimelle. Immediately, I knew it was perfect for a page on genealogy, and  I knew exactly what I wanted to create.  Yesterday, I found a site that provides information on surnames and coat of arms called araltas.com. On araltas.com I found 3 versions of the McCoy family coat of arms. Which works perfectly with Shimelle‘s sketch since it has space mapped out for 3 photos.


McCoy Surname layout

Supply List:

Helvetica Font

Chloe M digital paper

Passion Fruit Images digital paper

araltas.com Coat of Arms images

I am really happy with how this layout turned out. The file folders and genealogy information really come together well. If you are working on a heritage album I really recommend Shimelle‘s sketch.