Day 278 of 2014

Lately everyone has been really into using paper planners and decorating them so they look almost like a scrapbook. I gave it a try but after a few days I would forget to use it. A couple weeks later I’d give it another try only to receive the same results. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like using a paper planner is going to work for me. Which really sucks since I love the concept of having simple everyday tasks and events documented to look back on. I currently use a app on my iPad as my form of planning since it is linked to my phone and I usually have both my phone and iPad with me at all times. I can always look back at  that, but its not the same. I can’t decorate my planner page for that day or include photos so its not really meeting what I want to do. So I decided I want to start scrapbooking a page per day to cover the daily ins and outs. I tried to do that via project life at first but I journal way to much to fit into one pocket and I don’t really like the idea of splitting the journalling into several pockets. So traditional (digital) layouts is the route I was forced to take.

image of scrapbook layout

Here is my first completed page. I actually did this layout three times because I just couldn’t find a format I truly love. I still don’t love this but I resulted to using a sketch to try to get the page completed.

How We Met

The first scrapbook layout I ever made was on how Dennis and I met. That was in 2006. Since than the adhesive glitter chip board alphas has completely disappeared. The decorative edge, that I cut with those decorative edges scissors, is crooked and doesn’t really line up correctly at the corners. Needless to say it was time to redo that one.

how we met


Supply List:

Paper: Grepic

Font: Angelina

Alphas: Free Digital Scrapbooking

Brads: Pixel Scrapper

Sketch: pamelas world of scrap

If you read my last Synopsis Sunday post, than you know I began vlogging. Unfortunately, I discovered that daily vlogging isn’t something I can fully commit to quite yet. Though I will still be vlogging daily, I will only be posting vlog style videos once a week. I have decided that I will vlog, Sunday – Saturday, edit Sunday mornings, than post Sunday afternoon.

Anticipating Antonio

Our entire family was excited to learn that my brother and sister-in-law are expecting. They already have 2 girls and really wanted a boy, so when they announced that it’s a boy this time around, we were all even more excited for them. Than while on pinterest I ran across this adorable digital stamp by Redonkadoodles, I knew it would go perfectly with the baby shower pictures when that time comes. I couldn’t wait until than to play with it though, so I created a filler card with it.


Anticipating Antonio filler card image

Supply List:

A Late Synopsis Sunday – Week 29 of 2014

I know it so super late to be doing a Synopsis Sunday post, but I am doing it anyway. Last week my husband and I began daily vlogging on Youtube. We created a The McCoy’s Daily channel for our daily vlogs to live, so if you’re interested in vlog style videos, I’d love for you to check it out. Since we are vlogging, I think that will help keep me on track with weekly Synopsis Sundays. -finger crossed-

I have finally experiencing some real motivation to get back on things in regards to my memory keeping. I think this is partly due to the vlogging, but I’m not entirely sure. Where the motivation came from really makes no difference, the fact that it’s there is all that really matters to me. Despite the new found motivation, I still haven’t done anything. The problem is the ideas are coming to fast. Sometimes, that happens, I go through phases where I am a idea factory but the amount of ideas that come to me lead me to never really follow through on any of them. It’s a struggle. However this week, (it’s currently 1 am on Wednesday) has been a little more productive. Let’s pray that continues. LOL

I pre-ordered “The Book of Life” by Deborah Harkness, months ago from Amazon, it arrived on the 15th (the release date), I spent the week reading it. The entire All Souls trilogy is just AH-MAZ-ING, so it is no surprise that I LOVED the last installment. If you enjoy historical fantasy, than I highly recommend it.

Week 29’s vlogs:


Behind the name McCoy

While spending some time on Pinterest, I came across a sketch by former Garden Girl Shimelle. Immediately, I knew it was perfect for a page on genealogy, and  I knew exactly what I wanted to create.  Yesterday, I found a site that provides information on surnames and coat of arms called On I found 3 versions of the McCoy family coat of arms. Which works perfectly with Shimelle‘s sketch since it has space mapped out for 3 photos.


McCoy Surname layout

Supply List:

Helvetica Font

Chloe M digital paper

Passion Fruit Images digital paper Coat of Arms images

I am really happy with how this layout turned out. The file folders and genealogy information really come together well. If you are working on a heritage album I really recommend Shimelle‘s sketch.


Crockpot Honey Mustard BBQ Chicken

This morning my hubby, Dennis, laid out some chicken breast for me to cook for dinner. Usually I make Chicken Alfredo with the breasts. Its easy and leaves plenty of leftovers. But I wanted something different today. So I pulled up Pinterest on my iPad and searched chicken recipes. After looking at several recipes, thinking “that looks so good but I don’t have the ingredients for it on hand, and I don’t want to make a trip to the grocery store” I finally ran across a recipe by The Frugal Girls for Honey Mustard BBQ Chicken.

I had to do some substituting of brands, though. The recipe calls for Sweet Baby Rays Honey BBQ sauce, I only had the regular kind on hand. I also used Great Value Honey Mustard in place of French’s Honey Mustard.

It turned out very good despite the substitutions made. So I created a Cookbook Layout for the recipe.

Image of Honey Mustard BBQ Chicken Cookbook Layout

Honey Mustard BBQ Chicken Cookbook Layout

I created the recipe card by combing a rectangle and rounded rectangle shapes. The papers are by Happy Heart Studios. I used Helvetica and Hannah’s Messy Handwriting (fonts) for the recipe card.


“Why” and “isn’t that a old lady hobby” are questions I often get asked when someone learns that I scrapbook and research genealogy. It seems that most people do not understand why I choose to do these things. I always respond with”well, why do you?” Okay no I don’t, but I always wish I had afterwards. That’s kind of the same thing right? No? Alright, maybe not but most people don’t realize that they also scrapbook and build family trees. They just do so in a different manner.

I know your thinking, “what in the world is she talking about?” Have you ever uploaded pictures on any social media? (Instagram and Facebook being the most common) Yep, I thought so. You are unknowingly building a scrapbook. Before your write me off as that crazy lady, let me explain. What is a scrapbook? It’s a collection of photos and stories. You post photos on your social media, and with that photo is likely a caption of some fashion that tells a story. Than people comment on it, adding to the already existing story or telling another story. Therefore, you scrapbooked. Not purposely, but you did. Same for the family tree, anytime you add someone as a family member on Facebook or another social media you are building a family tree. So why do you scrapbook and/or build family tree(s).

Me? I do it because it’s what I enjoy spending my time doing. While most people my age (i’m 25) enjoy going to parties and drinking, I rather be at home in my comfy jammies, with my macbook on my lap, digital scrapbooking or researching my family’s origins while watching listening to TV. The accomplishment I feel when I find a new ancestor or finish a scrapbook layout, makes me happy. Knowing that one day one of my children or a future decedent will look at my work and know a little bit more about where they come from, is icing on my already delicious cake.

I’d love to learn your reason, so tell me in the comments!

Happy Independence Day

Independence Day digital card

Happy 4th of July! I recently purchase a few Kenny K digital stamps, among them was this beauty. I figured no better way to use her than in a Independence day card. All other supplies are by A-manda Creations. Enjoy the holiday.


The Destructors by Graham Greene

I read “The Destructors” by Graham Green as part of my Contemporary World Literature class. The short story was originally published in 1954.

In London, nine years after World War II, a gang of boys from the Wormsley Common neighborhood meets on a platform to a underground station to plot their mischief. They recently had a new recruit, a boy by the name of Trevor. Trevor’s father was a former architect, but they had recently “come down in the world”, and was now working as a clerk. Trevor, going by the name “T” to prevent any laughter at his upper-class name, was a broody boy. The type of brooding that leads to no good. In the gang leader, Mike’s, eyes he was perfect for the gang. Until one morning, T was late to their morning meet up, where they plan the day’s mischief. When questioned on his tardiness, T informed them that he had spent the morning touring Old Misery’s home. The home was a beautify monument built by famous architect Wren, and had with stood the blitz bombings of World War II. T than advises the gang he desired to destroy the home from the inside out while Old Misery is out on holiday. Mike, the gang’s leader, is opposed to this idea but puts the idea up for vote. After the idea is voted in, Mike steps down as leader to allow T to enact his plan of destruction. T promptly lays out the details of his plan, and assigns everyone a job. The next morning, Mike arrives late to aid in the destruction. Upon his entrance he notices how organized everything is. Mike begrudgingly begins to help in the house’s destruction, until word arrives that Old Misery is headed home, earlier than planned. Mike, than reclaims leadership to assist T finishing the plan. The boys trick Old Misery into coming out to the garden where they keep him locked in his outhouse until the plan has been completed.

The Watch by Elie Wiesel

In 1964, Eliezer “Elie” Wiesel wrote “The Watch”, which is a short story about some of his experience before and after the Holocaust.

“The Watch” begins in Hungry, late April of 1944, the day of Wiesel’s bar mitzvah. Wiesel and his family are burying items of significance because that morning, in the local paper, it was printed that from than on they where ridding the city of “every single one of its Jews”. Every member of Wiesel’s family chose a location in their yard to bury the items important to them for safe keeping until they return. For Wiesel, it was his newly gifted, gold watch.

After the holocaust, 20 years later, Wiesel returned for his buried treasure. In the yard that now belonged to someone else, Wiesel dug up his precious watch. Only to discover that watch was on longer the shiny gold bar mitzvah gift he received. It was now a dirt-covered symbol of everything that had taken place over the last 20 years. It no longer was just a symbol of Wiesel’s bar mitzvah, but also a symbol of the Holocaust time period, a symbol survival, as well as a symbol of everything life was than as well as now. The watch represented everything about time itself. You begin shiny and new, than as time passes you dull a little bit, maybe acquire some scratches but you survive.

In the end Wiesel reburied the watch in hopes that a child of the future would find it and the watch would tell the Holocaust story, tell how so many Jewish people where robbed of their future.

“The Watch” reminds me quite a bit of “The Book Thief” by Marcus Zusak, both stories an ordinary item becomes a symbol of the Holocaust. In “The Book Thief” it’s a burnt book, and “The Watch” it’s a gold watch. Both ordinary, everyday items but also symbols of a horrific time period.